Services @ is a full service Internet Service Provider (ISP). Below is a list and details of the services we offer. If you have questions regarding our services, please feel free to give us a call at 575-522-2681 or 1-877-938-7746

Dial Up

We offer both local and nation-wide dial up servces. Prices begin at 20.00 plus tax per month for unmeasured access.


We can support DSL, (Digital Subscriber Loops) locally and nation-wide. DSL allows simultaneous voice and high-speed data services such as super fast Internet access over a single pair of copper telephone wires. Your telephone line will need to qualify for this service.

 When you order DSL services through LTC, we will ask you simple questions to determine what your needs are; we will make sure that you order an available service that best suits your needs. We will make sure that you understand your options, and what they will cost.

Leased Lines

T1's are available in all of the towns we serve, costs vary based on available bandwidth and backhaul (or costs for bandwidth to that community).

If you are interested in learning about costs for installation & monthly charges please contact us.


Currently, La-Tierra offers Wireless services in the Las Cruces area only. These services are point-to-point low power radio interfaces using 802.11b. These are not roaming access services. An antennae mounted on the customer's building connects to our access point. There must be a line-of-site path from the customer's building to the access point. The distance cannot exceed 7 miles. A free site survey can determine if your location qualifies for our Wireless service.

Virtual Domain Web Hosting

We provide web hosting on both Windows and Linux platforms.
When you host your Virtual Domain with us you will recieve:

250mb of Storage
Up to 50 Email Addresses
Unmeasured Bandwith

On our Windows platforms we support:
Frontpage, Asp, .Net, Perl, Access and SQL Data Bases.

On the Linux platforms we support:
PhP, Perl and MySQL

We also try to support items not addressed above based upon request.


La Tierra Communications Inc. provides for co-location of customers servers in La Tierra racks, including Internet access for those servers at our facilities in Las Cruces. Prices for this service begin at $150.00 for one rack-mountable server 2 units high with internet access and the transfer rates of 50Gb.

 If the server is not rack mountable or is a tower (up to 30 inches high and 8 inches wide), There is an additional $50.00 per month charge. Additional rack mountable servers with no additional bandwidth are charged at $50.00 per month per unit. Additional non-rack mountable servers with no additional bandwidth are charged at $125.00 per month each.

Each additional server incurs a set up charge of $100.00.

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