Blake at Walls lakeGreat news The 2012 Playas event is happening May 2-5. For more information, Southwest landsailing is also reachable on its Google site

It's getting closer now! Drag those landsailers, dirtboats sailcars...out of storage and load up the car, truck trailer... Be sure to bring moon screen, it will be blazing!

World landsailing speed record falls!

There have been many attempts over the last 10 years at setting a new record. This March (2009) the Greenbird piloted by Richard Jenkins set a new record of 126.2 MPH (203 KPH).at Ivanpah in 30-40 mph winds.
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Landsailing has come a long way in the last few years with significant development in both the open (big, fast) classes and the emerging mini yacht class. Aggressive marketing by Blokart has rekindled the interest in small, portable landsailers.

Updated April 19, 2012

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