Schedule of US Events
Playas Landsailing Event New Mexico (A) May 2-5, 2012 Full(ish) Moon for night sailing. Dependable wind, excellent, company. Fast, no-rules sailing. Every few years we stop sailing long enough for a race or two. No classes, no sniveling. Run what ya brung Directions: Get off I-10 half way between Deming & Lordsburg at exit 49, Take Hwy 146 South 20 miles to Hatchita NM. then west on Hwy 9, 15 miles to Playas Smelter road. Turn south and go to mile marker 4; turn right; this turn is onto a dirt road just before an intersection with tall street lights.  The access will be from the east side of the lake. Hope to see you there. We will be planning future Southern New Mexico events. Contact Tead or Blake for info. Playas Photos.  
Many of the events listed are annual or
at least recurring, events. Loook for (A) in the title of an event to indicate an annual happening. I will try to move the soonest event to the top of the list.
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March, 20
12 (free sailing a few days before and after)
The America's C up is a major competive event which will be held at Ivanpah dry lake on the California/Nevada border about 40 miles Southwest of Las Vegas, Nevada. Check NALSA
For more information contact Bob Dill

Wind Wizards
Pretty much Year round. Wind Wizards race at El Mirage dry lake about every other weekend.    Contact Nord.

(Big Boat Coalition)(A)Oregon October 20
12 - Alvord Desert in SE Oregon. Contact: Phil Rothrock

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