Smith Creek Dry Lake, State Route 722 SW of Austin, NV

The Manta racing, open to all, will be more formalized following NALSA racing rules -- we'll even have a numbered start line to be sure everyone has a fair shot at the title. The racing Mantas must be "legal" to Manta rules. If you aren't into serious competition a B fleet race will be run with separate trophies. So tune it up and prepare for the excitement. We anticipate more Mantas than usual.
The Russ Karns Memorial Cow to Cow 500 Enduro will be run, open to all, and the Udder Class will run as usual. A group of mini yachts will join us and will race for fantastic metal sculptured trophies made by Terry.
Our other activities will include a pot luck for both Saturday and Sunday nights. Model airplane flights by several professionals -- bring yours if you got 'em. An off-road trip if the wind is light. One of our members has a cache of beautiful fireworks -- We're hoping there won't be fire restrictions as there were last fall.
Since there will be two potlucks and more people, we really need help with the food arrangements and must have a good handle on how many will be there. We already have a couple of donated turkeys and a ham but need more donations or ideas for a second main dish. We'll be calling some of you for help -- but why not beat us to the punch and call us?
Event T-shirts will be available with startling artwork. Those that sign up ahead of time will get one (donation requested). When you contact us be sure to tell us how many shirts and sizes.
This flyer is being sent only by e-mail so please pass it along to anyone you think may be interested. Be sure to tell them there are NO facilities other than playa and the hot tubs. The nearest motel is in Austin, 30 miles distant. Austin has restaurants but minimal supplies of canned food, beer and ice. The lake altitude is 6000 ft. Bring warm clothes. For those not self contained, be prepared -- you'll need a shovel.
We'll have another note out soon with more info on lake conditions and event details. Maps available from Kent . PLEASE! PLEASE! let us know as soon as possible if you are coming and how many in your party.

Kent and Pat,, Tel 775-825-1530
Larry and Anita,, Tel 775-786-9150
Mark and Pam,, Tel 775-355-7035

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